About Abhishek

Current Owner and Managing Broker of Urban Team. We provide critical market insight to help you make prudent real estate related purchase and leasing decisions, build wealth and prosper. Executive Vice President, Urbanics Consultants Ltd., Vancouver (2011 - 2019) I conducted market studies, financial feasibility studies, highest and best use analysis, economic and market impact studies, pre-development project planning, development management and property acquisition or disposition analysis for a broad range of land uses. Real Estate Analyst, Sky West Real Estate Services, Los Angeles (2004 to 2009) I provided research and analytical support for acquisition, development, asset management and sales of residential and commercial developments in California, Nevada and Idaho. Associate, Millennium Homes, Los Angeles (2005 to 2009) I managed acquisitions, approvals, development and sales of multifamily residential developments in El Monte, California. I analyzed economic data to identify properties for acquisition and development and provided financial advice on partnership structuring, A&D loan products and project budgeting.